Waagstein Benchmarks

The average Nordic organisation spends 52% more on IT while achieving 23% less value from IT compared to the top quarter organisations.

IT management deals with the challenge of constantly managing rapidly changing business requirements while maintaining a competitive cost level. This requires strong governance of the cost and value performance. You will be able to achieve this from our fact-based benchmarking services.

Our benchmarking services gives you a cost and resource efficient assessment of your IT operations performance in relation to other leading Nordic IT organisations. The performance is compared to our comprehensive benchmark database of Nordic companies.

Performance tracking

The benchmark allows participants to track performance relative other organisations instead of against static goals. Regardless of the initial relative position, goals can be set on how to improve ranking.

The assessment measures IT Value and takes the IT cost level into consideration to show your performance level.

Based on the performance results and the priorities of the business organisation we give recommendations on where to focus resources to improve performance results.