IT-Business Alignment

Optimise IT’s support of business strategy

Many IT executives are not getting the most out of IT governance because they mistakenly view it as a control function. However, efficient IT governance should monitor and advance the partnership between IT and the business.

Good IT governance helps IT executives to understand where the organisation wants to go, and aligns the strategy, management, organisational structures, and processes in order to get there.

A key tool to identify the current gaps in IT-business alignment is by measuring the current IT performance defined as the business’ satisfaction with IT. A better understanding of the IT performance drives smarter demand for services, better management of costs, and better utilisation of IT resources.

Waagstein’s IT-business alignment framework enables your company’s IT function to gain three interrelated abilities:

  1. Ability to define an IT organisation strategy that is coherent, in sync with, and responsive to the needs and expectations of the business.
  2. Ability to align IT with your company’s business goals.
  3. Ability to recurrently measure, plan and manage performance.

IT-Business alignment