October 21, 2013

New report: Nordic IT & Telecom Costs 2014-2015

Our new IT Budget report IT & Telecom Costs 2014-2015 Large Nordic companies budgets & forecasts maps out both current IT & Telecom spending in Nordic companies as well as 2014 budgets and 2015 forecasts. In the report the IT costs levels as well as the allocation of spending is described and analysed. Both the allocation on IT resources (hardware, software, staff etc.) and on IT functions (infrastructure, ERP etc.) is presented.

This report is based on data collected from surveys of 400 large (300 or more employees) Nordic companies. The respondents are all leading decision makers with profound knowledge of their respective companies’ IT and telecom spending. The target group of the report is primarily: CIO/IT managers, CFOs, Controllers, IT strategists, Consultants and CEOs.

The results are presented, analysed and broken down by sector: ManufacturingTrade and Services.

The reports answers following key questions:

  • How does your IT cost level compare to other large Nordic companies in your industry?
  • How does the current economic turmoil influence Nordic companies? IT spending plans?
  • What differences are there in the allocation of IT resources?
  • How much do other large companies spend on IT development?

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The report is written in English & delivered in Pdf format. All research purchased by your organisation will also be accessible via our online Research Center.