March 4, 2014

Newsletter: Benchmark – What can you expect?

The average large Nordic organisation spends 52% more on IT while achieving 23% less value from IT compared to the top quarter of organisations.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool which properly used is proven to reduce cost and improve value. Based on our twelve years of experience, we have found that organisations which on a regular basis have participated in our benchmark studies show strong improvements against the industry average.

Benchmark Results 2002-2013

Based on our experience of running the largest IT value benchmark in the Nordics we see that the longer an organisation has participated in the benchmark, the greater the value and the lower the costs it has been able to achieve.

Results show that there is a correlation between improved value and lowered costs and the number of consecutive years the organisation has participated.

Based on our benchmark studies conducted between 2002 and 2013 results show an average yearly improvement against the benchmark of 3.0 percentage points for value and 5.2 percentage points for costs.

The key to improvements

The key to achieve continuous improvements from benchmarking is as shown to perform it on a regular basis but also that the organisation makes sure the benchmarks findings are understood and explained, actions evaluated, goals are set and followed up on.

Based on our experience we have developed a best practice model for how to use benchmark results to achieve continuous improvements.

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